Quinn Smith as Lupus.

Timmy Lupus is the most quiet and shy player who plays right field and is considered to be the worst player on the team. He showed the odd ability to properly prepare a martini for Buttermaker while the team was assisting the coach with pool cleaning and surprised everyone in the final game by making a key play to keep the Bears in the game.

Timmy was played by Quinn Smith in the original film and it's sequel, by Shane Butterworth in the TV series and by Tyler Patrick Jones in the remake film .


The Bad News Bears

TV series



  • He wears number 4 in the films and number 8 in the TV series.
  • He is nicknamed ¨The Big Looper¨.
  • The actress that played Timmy's mother was named Timothy Blake.
  • In the TV series he hinted that he never misses The Muppets before sleep.
  • He always sleeps with Ed, his teddy bear.
  • He has odd abilities like prepare martinis and open combination locks.
  • Quinn Smith is now an illustrator in Los Angeles. He has said that back then he was a lot like Timmy.
  • Lupus only appeared shortly in Breaking Training because Paul Brickman (the writer) decided to use him as the fallen hero of the team. Lupus became the sentimental rallying point for the team, especially for Tanner.