Rudi Stein is a nervous relief pitcher with glasses who is a terrible hitter; asked by Coach Buttermaker to purposely get hit by pitches in order to draw a walk. Also a backup outfielder.

He was portrayed by David Pollock in the original trilogy and by Billy Jayne (then Billy Jacoby) in the TV series .


Original Rudi

TV Rudi


  • He wears number 10.
  • Rudi is a Jewish.
  • He doesn't wear glasses in the TV show, instead he always wears suspenders.
  • He is a main character in the TV series episodes ¨Run Down¨ and ¨The Birds, the Bees and the Bears¨.
  • David Pollock said in an interview that Sandy Koufax, pitcher of the Dodger would be Rudi's favorite player because he was one of the few jewish sports legends in that time.
  • Rudi was reimagined in Bad News Bears, his role was taken by Garo Daragabrigadien, being an Armenian instead of a Jewish.