The following is a list of episodes for The Bad News Bears TV series , based on The Bad News Bears film.

Season OneEdit

No. Episode Title Original Airdate Protagonist Summary

¨Here Comes the Coach¨

March 24, 1979 Buttermaker Morris Buttermaker volunteers to coach the Bears, a group of problem students who only loosely resemble a baseball team.
2 ¨Amanda Joins the Bears¨ March 31, 1979 Amanda Though she yearns to be ladylike, a hot-shot hurler agrees to pitch one game for the Bears.
3 ¨Nakedness is the Next to Godliness¨ April 7, 1979 Ogilvie Buttermaker is puzzled by Oglivie's reluctance to shower after practices.
4 ¨The Kelly Story¨ April 21, 1979 Kelly A girl-watching enthusiast helps the team.
5 ¨Tanner's Bird¨ April 28, 1979 Tanner Buttermaker feels awful when his new race horse sits on Tanner's pet bird.
6 ¨Emily Loves Morris¨ May 5, 1979 Buttermaker Dr. Rappant gives Buttermaker a post-victory hug and the team sees it as a sign of romance.
7 ¨The Food Caper¨ May 12, 1979 Engelberg Suspicion falls upon Engelberg when food is missing from the cafeteria.
8 ¨Men Will Be Boys¨ May 19, 1979 The Bears are in for some hard workouts after Buttermaker makes a bet on their next game.
9 ¨Three's a Crowd¨ May 26, 1979 Amanda Amanda tries to reunite her mother and Buttermaker.
10 ¨Save the Bears¨ June 2, 1979 When the team members seek donations for new uniforms, a fortune pours in from contributors who believe they're saving endangered bears

¨Dance Fever¨

June 9, 1979 Ahmad Ahmad is challenged to a disco duel by the class smart aleck.
12 ¨Fielder´s Choice¨ June 23, 1979


Teammates try to bolster Lupus's self-confidence in preparation for a championship game.

Season TwoEdit

No. Episode Title Original Airdate Protagonist Summary
1 "Run Down" September 15, 1979 Rudi The Bears try to track down Johnny Bench for an autograph baseball to replace the one that belonged to Rudi's father before Rudi lost it.
2 "Buttermaker Rides Again" September 22, 1979 Josh Buttermaker coaxes a student back to school by challenging him to athletic contests.
3 "First Base" September 29, 1979 Regi The Bears sneak Wendi out to a party after her father has forbidden her to go.
4 "Wedding Bells (Part 1)" October 6, 1979 Buttermaker Buttermaker pops the questions to Amanda's mother.
5 "The Birds, the Bees and the Bears" June 7, 1980 Rudi After Amanda hugs her teammates, Buttermaker gives her a lecture on the facts of life.
6 "Lights Out" June 14, 1980 After being teased, Oglivie persuades Regi, Tanner, and Engelberg to believe that they caused a power failure.
7 "Wedding Bells (Part 2)" June 21, 1980 After her mother accepts a job out of the country, Amanda moves in with Buttermaker.
8 "Matched Set" June 28, 1980 Amanda Amanda is caught between compete in a Tennis contest with Buttermaker or hang out with Josh.
9 "Old Timers' Day" July 12, 1980 Ahmad Buttermaker sets up a game between the Bears and some old-timers, hoping to reconcile Ahmad with his grandfather.
10 "Scrambled Eggs" July 19, 1980 Dr. Rappant teaches the team a lesson after Buttermaker catches them hitchhiking to a rock concert.
11 "Double Play" July 26, 1980 Buttermaker When Buttermaker's pool-cleaning business dries up, he must take a job working for Turner if he hopes to buy Amanda a bicycle.
12 "The Good Life" UNAIRED Roy Oglivie is in the clouds after Dr. Rappant gives him a kiss for winning a poetry contest.
13 "The Pride of the Bears" UNAIRED
14 "The Headless Ghost of MacKintosh Manor" UNAIRED Lupus Lupus must find his courage in a field trip while the Bears deal with an urban legend.