Jill Turner (Shari Bullock in the remake) is the wife of the Coach Roy Turner and mother of Joey and Wendi .

The Bad News BearsEdit

Jill was played by Shari Summers in the original The Bad News Bears . She first appears in the first scene of the movie attending a training of the Yankees with her husband coaching and her son playing when Buttermaker arrived at the Sandlot. She left the game with her son at the end of the movie in the final game after Roy yelled at Joey.

TV seriesEdit

Jill appeared only as an uncredited voice in a few episodes of the TV series . This Jill was stronger than the original, yelling at Roy whenever he was not listening. In ¨First Base¨ was introduced Jill's younger daughter, Wendi. She and Roy had a fight in the episode ¨The Good Life ¨ and get separated. Roy tried to date Dr. Rappant, but then realized that he really loved and missed her wife and went back with Jill.


Jill was reimagined and renamed in the 2005 remake film Bad News Bears . She is named Shari Bullock and has a very similar role as in the original film. She was played by Arabella Holzbog.


  • She is renamed Shari Bullock in the remake after Shari Summer who played her in the original film.