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Alfred Lutter III (Alfred Lutter III, May 21, 1961) is a former child actor best known for his roles as Tommy Hyatt in the Martin Scorsese film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore and Ogilvie in The Bad News Bears and The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training.

Both of his most popular characters were remade into TV series, he only reprised Tommy in the pilot of Alice because he was replaced by Philip Mckeon when the series began and the role of the brainy Ogilvie went to Sparky Marcus in The Bad News Bears, the series.

Where Are They Now?Edit

In October of 2001 he became CEO and co.fouder of NetChemistry in Southern California, that provides software to banks.

He lives in San Juan Capistrano, California. He does Web site application development and systems architecture. Served as CIO of E*OFFERING. Founder of Lutter Consulting, where he developed information systems for Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T, Southern California Edison and Unocal.

Earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University in 1984 and a MS in the same field in 1988.

Is married with one daughter.

Fans says that Alfred Lutter grew up the same way that Alfred Ogilvie may have.